Frustrated with frissy’s

So a family member (customer) sent me a picture of the beautiful Jade that I had done for her wanting to know what to do with her hair. It looked awful. So fussy! Does anyone use a mohair that doesn’t do this. I was mortified. Which she bought it for a child but I have had them laying on the bed no one touching them and the hair still gets fussy. I only buy premium mohair.

When you rooted the baby are you sure you rooted from the correct end of the hair. Rooting the wrong end will cause that to happen.

What brand of mohair did you use if you don’t mind my asking?

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You have to care for mohair. It needs to be conditioned regularly. More you change clothes or brush hair the more often it needs conditioned.

Condition with a spray every time you touch it. I love BBS conditioner.

Uploading: B7672289-F5F4-46FD-90C8-DB04336BCA27.jpeg… I rooted from the cut end. It was Delta dawn. I have used slumberland and they never grow up also. My thought is that they are really not toys but if Mother’s want to buy them what can u say. I have suggested bald babies but they want hair.


I use Delta dawn , slumberland, and they never grow up. My thought is that it does take a lot of care and can’t hold up for little girls. I have suggested bald babies but they understandably want hair on their babies.

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Mohair is high maintenance. It does need to be conditioned and cared for on a regular basis. It looks like that is not happening here. I gave my 5 year old one of my first babies… the hair pretty much looks like this.

Overall, I do not recommend rooted babies for children. Nicely painted hair or bald would be a much better option.

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You did a beautiful job on the baby, mohair just seems to look frizzy after awhile. I like the hair conditioner from
I love the smell of it also!!!

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Thanks I will check it out.