Front n back plates

When I placed my first order with BB, I went a Lil crazy. I ordered a front n back plate, for male n female. But all the kits that I’ve ordered have the jointed legs n arms. If I’m gonna use the plates, I don’t want the leg joints to show. Do you use the plates with jointed legs?

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Jointed arm n leg body suits

I have customs that request the plate with bodies that have the arm and leg caps. I only use plates for custom orders unless of course the plate comes with the sculpt.

I do sometimes use them. They are just for posing so it doesn’t matter if the baby has full limbs or not. Just let the belly peek out here and there.

I’ll look for some pictures on how I use these. I always post pictures when I can because I love seeing post with lots of pictures myself.

Edited to post pics :wink:


The plates are mainly for taking great pics and for display. Strategically placed clothing or blankets hide the arm or leg caps.