How would you do freckles on a toddler with dark brown eyes and hair? What color would you use and would you use toothpick to make them? Anybody have photos of ones you have done?


Thanks Bonnie - I ready your procedure, but was unable to view the babies


Thank you - they look very natural.


I had forgotten how many freckles a kid can have until I saw a couple of old photos of one of my brothers yesterday. He had tons! So go to town on it because apparently sometimes God has fun too!

I love those pictures of freckles!

I don’t trust myself with the spattering technique so I use a toothpick and place them individually. I use Flesh 4 usually and just go to town on the nose and cheekbone areas and then anywhere where I remember the kids’ freckles were. They are so fun and so easy to do! They add so much life to a toddler. But remember that babies don’t have freckles. My grandson Jacob who was 17 a couple of days ago was the first of the family to get early freckles. He was about 9 mo. and had some browner ones on his nose…but he had been to Lake Michigan with his other grandparents and been outside a LOT without a hat. Most of the other kids got their first ones at about age 2.
Have fun doing them!