* Freak Factor *

I just went to the store and my daughter brought my first reborn baby in so we could grab a couple outfits for her. While we were there I noticed this lady we saw in the parking lot was kinda following us and giving me dirty looks. She got closer and said “oh thank god! It’s a doll!” She said she was so angry because she thought I had my baby out in the cold with no socks or coat or hat and I was letting my little girl carry her! Lol

Well we got talking and drew a crowd. It turns out that she is a professor of early childhood development and is very interested in buying some! We exchanged numbers She is also interested in ethnic babies, but I told her it will be quite awhile before I would have enough confidence to attempt that because they are harder to paint. I told her that many of you are very talented at making babies of different races. I would love to give her your contact information if any of you are interested. I’m sure she would love to see pictures as examples if possible

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Sometimes I want to do things like that just to see people's reaction...but guess it isn't right to torment others!  I do hope you get some business out of it!