Forum Poll Building Tutorial

I have been asked a couple times how to create a poll since I did so for the Portrait Baby contest a few months ago. I thought I would create a tutorial and share it with everyone:) Here it is!

Beginning Options

Create a new thread and click the 'Build Poll" option.

There are 3 different types of polls, ‘Single Choice’, ‘Number Rating’, and ‘Multiple Choice’.

Single Choice

The first poll choice is ‘Single Choice’. Select ‘Single Choice’ and write your poll options. We will discuss ‘Show who voted’ and ‘Automatically close poll’ later.
Once you are done entering your poll options click ‘Insert Poll’.

This is what your ‘Single Poll’ choice will look like in editing.

This is what your ‘Single Poll’ post will look like on the board.

This is what your results will look like when you click ‘Show Results’.

Number Rating

The second poll choice is ‘Number Rating’.

You can chose different options to create different poll options:

This is what the basic poll will look like if you create it and post it on the board.

Multiple Choice

The third option is ‘Multiple Choice’.

With ‘Multiple Choice’ a voter can vote more than once, depending on how you set up the poll.

You can chose how many options the voter can select when you set up the poll. The voter can chose to vote only once, or also use their extra voting options.

Extra Tips

The ‘Show Who Voted’ option

If you click on this option everyone on the board will be able to see who voted and for what option they voted.

If you have created a poll that keeps the voters private you cannot change it to public after people have started voting.

The ‘Automatically Close’ option

If you click this option you will have control over the date and time you would like your poll to close.

Your poll will show voters how long until the poll closes.

Closing and Opening a Poll

You can manually close a poll that has no end time. If you do not chose this option your poll will remain open indefinitely. You can also close a poll early that has been set to ‘Automatically Close’.

You can also re-open a poll.

Locked Poll

If you need to edit your poll you have 5 minutes to edit after creating the poll before it locks and no longer allows editing.

I hope this was helpful! Please feel free to add tips, or let me know if any of my info is incorrect or unclear. Thanks!



Wow! You are awesome!

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your so kind

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Way to go Lisa !! I tried it out at one time just for laughs and decided working on it wouldn’t be all that fun after all :smile:

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Thanks ladies! Building a poll here is confusing, it took me awhile to figure everything out:)


Bookmarking, even though I did one. I will need this if I do one again! Thank you! I’m sure @Ldbr2007 will appreciate this too!


@Ldbr2007 this may help you

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I figured it out .Thank you
Feel free to go and vote

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