For anyone interested in a rooting class

I would love to have you join me this summer at ROSE.


I’ve registered for ROSE. Can hardly wait. Looking forward to meeting you!

I would love to take your class. Rooting is always the most challenging part for me and I would so love to improve my technique. We are in the process of renovating our house though so Denver is not possible this year. :frowning: I hope the class goes well and with any luck, I can attend next year.

Silly or crazy question about the class. It states that you’ll provide plenty of mohair…how much will you provided and will it be enough to complete the head? I know we won’t finish in the class but was just wondering.
I don’t have a “test” head but could arrange to have one by then. I’m desperate to learn more about rooting so I’m excited about the class.

I would love to, even better… How bout you come over for cake, coffee, and show me, LOL.