Flaws flaws and more flaws

This is a Dominic kit I just got on sale. He looked pretty good when I washed him. He has some pin holes but not too bad. But this neon orange appeared today out of no where and after countless bakes and layers. I have a thermometer in my nuwave and I bake at the recommended temp and check all the time. Neon orange. It’s a good thing I had planned on giving him hair.

Try acne creme.

Won’t that affect all my layers?

It didn’t with mine. I just put a touch on the spot and usually it disappeared. I have had only 1 baby that it did not out of atleast 5 times doing this. My kits randomly get yellow spots.

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Thank you…I need to buy that tomorrow and give it a try. Why do you think it just appeared? It’s so much brighter than the picture.

No idea, but it has happened to levi, twin b, myloh, real born ana, and more. Some were brand new, some in the middle of me painting. I put it on, stuck in the new wave like normal and it magically disappears. Or in the real sun uv light. Sooooo weird.

That is so weird. Oh well lol. He is getting hair but I’m going to get the cream and try it. Every kit has had flaws but some are to be expected on seconds I would think. Someday I will treat myself to Levi! :heart::heart_eyes:

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I’m waiting to paint him too. He will be a keeper for me. My collection will have saskia and levi, I painted twin b but needs hair.

Your rooting skills are phenomenal!!

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Thank you!!! I’m always trying to learn how to get better! After summer I want to at and see if I can paint hair. I tried in the past and it was no good.

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I really would be happy to be half as good as you. I root eyelashes and that’s it so far lol I like painting hair, But I love Prisma now. I can’t seem to get the wispy hair with paint…maybe it’s my brushes

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Just take your time! It hurts my kneck and back though.

This is gross, but I think fly poop caused some neon orange spots on one of my kits. Every spring we have a bad fly problem, and we go to war even inside! It totally grosses me out, but I’ve learned that fly poop looks like little brown round dots- like thin, kind of shiny paint. It wipes clean from most things, but I just noticed a few dots on a leg that had been on the drying rack- and when I wiped them off, bright orange. I haven’t tried to remove them yet.

Needless to say, I cover all my work in progress now! And completed dolls…just until the end of fly season :wink:

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Hmmm that’s gross lol. But he hasn’t been near any flies that I know of. None in the house and my lanai is covered. I’m trying to think is he could have been exposed to one at all…I just don’t see how, but ty for letting me know!! :hugs:

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Thanks for pointing that out. We have no flies yet. But in the summer, it’s like a plague of the flies around here. We live in the country, down the road from a dairy. The flies are like mutants. Fly spray just makes them look a little drunk, but it doesn’t slow them down. I hadn’t even thought about how they will effect my doll making. Perhaps I need to get a large mosquito net to hang over my entire workspace. :flushed:


I have had 2 babies get this exact same dot of color on their heads and not during fly season. Have no idea how it happens

My Celeste head has an orange spot…I thought one of the grandkids got it with a marker…

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