Fixing Eyebrows

I have a kit that the eye brows after baking and rooting the hair just doesn’t make me happy .
I removed the eyebrows and plan on redoing them but have never used a heat gun before to set the paint back has any one had this trouble and used a heat gun for this and how has it turned out. Really don’t want to ruin this kit. Thank you

I use one for quick touch ups. It will work but if you get it too close to the vinyl it can make the vinyl go shiny or melt so be careful.

You can also paint them on with acrylic/air dry paints or Prisma pencil in coffee color (don’t use the brown pencil it looks orange sometimes) and then brush over each hair with an air dry sealer to seal. This way you do not have to heat the head again. For the air dry sealer you can use either Plaid Folk Art Outdoor Matte Sealer or Folk Art Glass and Tile Medium


Thanks all this really helps