First Reborn..... Too little color?



Just started today and I think I am hooked. The only problem is mottling is scary.

Thank you

Looking good. I think mottling would be a nice addition.

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Looks great for your first! Just add some brightening tones.
Have you watched any tutorials? I was always scared of mottling too. And then I watched @Kim_CustomDollBaby’s tutorial.

She just had her baby so may not respond to questions immediately, but she does a great job of explaining the steps. After you get comfortable you can mold and shape each step to be unique to you.
Good luck! Can’t wait to see more WIP photos!


I have watched several people’s tutorials. I love hers. I am using luminaire air dry paints so I think the unforgiving nature of acrylic paints makes me the most afraid. I have found the paint very pleasant to work with. I also am looking forward to learning all I can because all those bountyfull baby sales cause me to really want just one more.

Ok well I think I can help you as I use air dry paints as well . I would suggest doing a red layer , blue layer then yellow layer. Remember to keep the layers thin by adding thinner or water . I would also suggest that you use a make up sponge to put blush on the cheeks . If you rip the top of the make up sponge of so it doesn’t leave “squares”. Then get another makeup sponge and take tiny holes out of it with tweezers and make this your mottle sponge . I would mix some water/thinner with some purple and red paint (mixed together ) . This is what i DO

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I just added a red and am doing a blue next. I had decided before I read your comment so this was just a confirmation. Thanks! I will do the yellow too because I really felt I needed a little more of a warm tone. The red feels too pink…It is a lot of fun.

I struggled with mottling for the longest. No tutorial worked for me, I just couldn’t grasp it for some reason.

I also use air dry paints.

My suggestion is to keep the paint very thin and pluck many tiny holes in the sponge you use. The layer might seem practically invisible as it dries but once dry it should appear darker and you can always add more layers. Some people like to do various plucking techniques and mottle with different sponges for added effect.

If the coloring seems too dark, however, I have found that a couple of thin layers of flesh paint will do the trick.

Hope this helps!

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I added the red and a purple, blue…to scared to do blue alone… I also added blush and re did my creases because they were no longer showing. In 20 min. I will do a yellow followed by flesh. I like her more already. There will definitely be layers to her skin tone. :blush:

she is still very fair skinned but I really like the depth of her. Now I have to wait to seal her to do hair. Now THAT will be fun!