First Painted Hair

So, I jump in and did it! I painted Cozy’s hair! I rubbed off the front quite a few times, and feel “okay” with this look. The brush I’m using is a bit thick, so it’s hard to do the fine lines in the front that I wanted. Do you think the bangs need to cover the forehead more? should I smooth out the hair on the back a bit more? I haven’t baked the head yet, in case I should rub it all off. Please criticize my painting!

Thank you! I was thinking of purchasing a tutorial, but thought I’d give it a shot without. I think it turned out pretty good for a first time! However, my hubby doesn’t like it… He says it doesn’t look real, and I should stick with rooting. Maybe it’s the color? I do have a blonde shade that came with the dark brown. Perhaps some highlights would do the trick? I did change the bangs, I made them come straight down on the forehead. I’m still not crazy about the look, but it rubs right off, so I’ll play around some more.

?I like the hair but poor baby it has tooth picks in his nose.

His hair looks great. I love the swirl.
lol Debra

It is very hard to do this as I am still in the learning curve myself. I think that it is a great first attempt but the brush strokes look too heavy and the hair doesn’t look like individual strands of hair. It would pass for a child’s play doll but I think adult collectors are going to be more discriminating about it. Have you tried using a comb or rake brush and then a liner brush for fine hairs? Those are really helpful.

I think it’s a very good first attempt, and I also like your swirl. It doesn’t look like natural strings of hair, but maybe the highlight idea will work. I have never tried painting hair yet, as I am not near brave enough, so a thumbs up from me!! Also, I used a tooth pick to help paint my current babies eyebrows with, so maybe that may be something you could try. I am not sure for advice, but it’s an idea. Best of luck with it either way you decide