First major problem, please advise

I think PP will side with the buyer. I do not know about air dry but Genesis, properly cured, can withstand lots of rough handling. For paint to just come off down to bare vinyl there is something not right. Either there was some strong solvent used on the spot, or it was not properly cured. Nobody can be sure what happened.

I once dropped a head as I was running down out tiled hallway (tiled in very rough non slip tiles) and it just skipped the whole length of the hall; I thought it will be scratched all over, but it was 100% fine. My granddaughter plays with mine and hers reborns and they are all fine.
Even stripping paint with products dissolving the paint takes bit of effort.

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I’ve dropped heads many times myself. They bounce so nicely. XD
Even painted with air dry and not sealed yet I’ve never had them scratched.


The paint was definitely cured. Then the varnish I use is hard core… very hard to get off. I have been wondering if she got some alcohol based something on there. My instructions were clear, but as you know not everyone reads.

It is awful that PayPal would refund someone for something that they destroyed. I stand by my work. The baby that I painted simultaneously with this one is absolutely fine.

I’m kicking myself… Someone from another country wanted to purchase this doll at the same time as this woman did. Should have gone that route.

Whatever it is, whether I win or am forced to take back a damaged doll, I just want this over with. This is anything but relaxing.


I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I feel like it’s intentional. You have set rules and she has not abided by them. She probably wants another doll for free or just has the time to pick on someone and bring grief. A doll has been badly damaged and to me it’s not your problem as if that paint was cured and it was then it’s not your fault. Live and learn. Your a great artist and need to stand your ground.

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@anon77773884, the voice of reason. :grin:

Okay, you are right, I need to stop worrying. I will try. I have an anxiety disorder, which is why I paint so much… oh the irony. :joy:

Thank you for your support, @Vanniek.


Amen! and Congratulations on the sale!!

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