First chance to reborn in over a month

And this happens…

I’ve officially broken my first needle. I’m not sure how to feel about this. It’s nice to be able to work again though.


I broke a whole pack when I first started rooting, so don’t feel too bad. :smile:

Welcome back.

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Thank you! <3

I broke so many needles at first. So, so many.
I feel your pain, haha

I have a little container for the broken needles and I filled it up. I get a lot of mileage out of a needle, but they do break eventually or are just too ‘dull’ or I end up bending them when not paying attention. Nice to get a new needle tho.


Im the queen of broken needles :joy:


warm that head up…a broken needle is good luck.

Hey someone has to invent good luck stuff. It is like when you make pancakes and the first one always burns. I call it my good luck pancake (feed it to the dog, he loves it) and the rest are golden.

That was your good luck needle…

Oh broken needles. I’ve had my share :rofl: I hope you have fun reborning and rooting :heart:

I noticed that my hand tremors were pretty bad and I should have chosen not to try and root that night, but live and learn, right? Broken needle = good luck. I like that! Thanks everybody.