First bonnet

I made my first bonnet today. Not as bad as I was afraid, now if I could figure out spit bubbles. Grrr. Poor Quinton he had to model again and he hates girls clothes.

Very sweet hat.


very cute!!!

YES HE DOES !!!LOL look at the fit you made him throw !!!

Great job!!

Love baby bonnets! You did a great job and poor little Quinton is just having a fit – better start making some little boy hats just for him

LOL…well, we can’t really say that Quinton is a very good sport now, can we??! Poor little guy! Love the bonnet, though! You get soooo much done; you make me feel like a slug.

Thank you ladies! I so needed the encouragement. I also need to get a different model out and temporarily put together before he is permantly scared for life. LOL

I can’t remember the name of who did it but have you tried the glass bead tip for the spit bubbles?? I did and now my babies have spit bubbles!!!

yes I tried the glass beads with paper glaze and it turned white. Did you use something besides paper glaze?

Pretty nice bonnet even if Quinton is not agreeable! LOL Makes it all the more real I think.
You did a nice job on it seriously and gutsy to use a satiny fabric for your first.


Ty Joy that was what the person wanted. I never thought about it not being a good choice.