Finished Kadence

I have finally finished this little one! He was my first “problem child”, many upsets with this little one! Hope you like him!


What’s not to like? He’s adorable. Love the tones.

He is a beautiful baby…

I think I had more trouble with this little kit than what I have ever had with a big one! I was not happy with the skin tone and shading on this little guy, took me longer to do than a full size baby!!

Thank-you he just was not taking the color as I wanted!

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Thank-you. He was a stinker on the coloring and shading, kind of grew on me later!

He was worth it ! Beautiful!

He’s a cutie! Kadence was my very first kit.

Thank you!

Thanks Amy, I love his size but for some reason he was a little stinker to do!

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Since he was my first, I didn’t have anything to compare him to. I think if I did him now, I’d find him small and a bit more difficult than the larger kits.

Hes a cutie :slight_smile: im working on Kadence right now lol

Hope he doesn’t give you any problems! Maybe it was more me than him. I love his size. You’ll have to let us see once you have him done.

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