Finally sold a baby!

I finally sold a baby, the first one since all the changes on I’m not happy with the way things are. There’s so much less exposure unless you repeatedly boost your babies, for $1 each time, to keep them on the front page. With 3 babies listed, and 1 baby per nursery per day being shown, each baby only gets seen once every 3 days. If I have 7, they’ll each only be seen once a week. I’d like a little more for my money. Boosted babies are in the Featured Babies section but I don’t think too many people even look at that. I think they just go on the site and start looking at babies. That’s what I do.


Congratulations on your sale!!!

I don’t look at the featured babies at all because I know they are only put there by people trying to sell them and aren’t always the best quality.

I search for the sculpts I like or by size and price with specs I like, like rooted hair etc.

I dream shop though lol I can’t afford any babies right now. Although I could been an octomom of some pretty amazing babies if I hadn’t been so determined to diy

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Thank you for clearing something up for me. I re-signed up for a few weeks ago after being off of there for a few months. I did not realize only one doll shows up at a time. This explains why half the time I could not find my second baby. That is the stupidest thing ever.

But congratulations on your sale. It’s a good thing your baby just happened to be on there when that particular person just happened to be on the site.


Congratulations! I saw your Mia under Adopted today and was so happy for you (and her)!

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Congrats on your sale !!

Thanks, everyone. The more I think about the one baby per nursery per day the more it upsets me. Dave see,s to feel this is the only fair way to do it. I’m not quite sure of the reasoning behind it. Kinderland Dolls has more than 50 dolls listed. With only one baby showing it will take months for all of them to be seen. Even though it’s not my nursery it really bugs me.


I don’t sell on reborns, but you would think if someone is paying $20 a month then each baby they have should just be listed in babies for adoption. That would be fair to all. You have 5 babies? 1 baby? 1638 babies? They should all in one section with the others so buyers can see literally every baby available