Finally got the invoice i been waiting months for!

Well last night while on my meal break at work i went into my email and seen that i had an email from Macpherson’s. It was the invoice for sweet little Aster… I got very excited cuz i been waiting a while for her. Any one knowhow long it will take to ship out? I paid it right away.


I’ve never preordered through MacPherson’s but, I received Gaige from Dolls So Real last week. I’ve never seen a belly plate so tiny :smile:They still have to send his COA though. I preordered him back in December!! Aster and Gaige were both on hold for a long time!!!

I’m guessing you should receive Aster sometime in the next 2 weeks :thinking:


I preordered her months ago from dollssoreal. I hav not gotten my invoice yet, even though I’m checking every day! Hopefully it’ll come soon. When I paid my invoice from MacPherson’s for Rosa recently, I received her within a week.

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Thank you for posting that :smiley:

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Once you pay, they usually ship rather quickly. Everything with MacP’s is like swimming through honey, but you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

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Thank you Helen!! Im just super excited to get that sweet little face :smiley: