Final Grumpy Sage Prototype on eBay, by Bianca Franke!

Good morning!

We have one more amazing Grumpy Sage prototype to share with you! This perfect girl was brought to life by the talented artist Bianca Franke. Her auction is featured on our home page at: Bianca’s work on her is absolutely stunning! She looks so incredibly real!

Grumpy Sage’s kit can be found here: She is currently sold out, but we are expecting more of her in a few months.

We do have a “Playful” and “Sleepy” version of Sage that are yet to be released, though. You can see all of her kits here: Search: 3 results found for "sage kit" - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC).

Bountiful Baby


Bianca’s version is so cute!


Bianca’s is the only only one I have thought looked real…hers is adorabke!


Yes, I agree!

Adorable! She is one I would love to paint.

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Same here, this is the only version I like, very real looking❤️


Well I missed Grumpy Sage. I never even knew when she was out yet. I like the sleep one 2nd best. I am a bit cautious to order though with all the “painted” blank kits folks have been getting.


I think the 1st quality kits are free of the factory paint…

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She looks so much like a real baby!! Bianca did an amazing job bringing this sweet girl to life.

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Yes, I agree.

My favorite version without a doubt! I want to buy the kit after seeing this one