Felicity silicone is available

Oh wow! I would’ve thought you would have to go in through the neck like on a vinyl baby, through the lips makes much more sense!

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I wonder if darrens will be. If I am any good at the silicone I want to paint him; he’s so cute and he has the alternate hands


I caved and bought Felicity, I’ve got a classmate who’s experienced with silicone painting who’s going to help me paint her!


I caved and bought Steven silicone


Steven is so tempting, but I’m nowhere near ready to learn to paint silicone.

Now, if they release Lavender asleep I won’t be able to resist.

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Me too :blush:

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I was afraid we’d never see the price that low again so I threw him in my cart and never looked back. :rofl:


Felicity arrived today and WOW she is so soft and squishy! I’m so excited to paint her!


I watched a YouTube video by Carolyn Doughty and she opened the mouth and cut out a big enough piece of silicone to use a real pacifier. She poured in some tinted silicone and kept it propped open with a toothpick so it wouldn’t stick back together. She said it’s not made to look good in there and she doesn’t sculpt a tongue or anything but it was just to hold the pacifier. She then reinforced the sides of the mouth so it wouldn’t tear. It looked good.


I want to try and open Felicity’s mouth for a pacifier but I’m so scared of making a wrong cut and messing it up!

Watch that video. It’s the 2nd one of hers out of 7 I think. She just slit the lips open and then took a scalpel and cut upwards in a circle and then downward and then cut out the chunk. You’d have to be very careful and do a little at a time.

I did the same just bought both ( Felicity and Steven) Felicity as my mother’s day gift and Steven for my daughter. I will learn the same way I learned vinyl two years ago. Slow, but with care. I will remind myself, you bought 2 for the price of one. ( they are on flash sale now until this afternoon ok for anyone interested. Do it right , take your time, and practice with something else. God luck to everyone!