Fei Yen $69.99

I just saw this sculpt on Macphersons for $69.99. So my question now becomes, why is it so much higher on one site, (by $30) than BB… Does each site set their own pricing? I’m confused. can someone please explain this to me!

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I think they bought it from Bountiful Baby then price it up to make a profit. Which is still a cheaper kit through them.

I see where Irresistible is selling Kenzie and Amelia now along with several other kits that are available on BB for some time too .

Thank you both. All I can say is wow, that’s a big profit… I need to start checking different sites before ordering.


They sell BB kits on European websites too, they’re often priced similar to other kits.
It’s a higher price because they need to order them from BB and then make their own profit as well.

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Thank you!

And now he’s on sale at bountiful baby for 19.99. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I noticed that Irresistible has a few BB kits for high but didn’t know Machphersons did too.

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