Feeling torn...need help!

At the moment I have one reborn and two beautiful kits I’m wanting to get painted…but I can only keep two. Three just feels like too much for me, I can’t afford to get them all painted, and school is keeping me really busy anyways.

The kits I have are: Jayden Scholl (finished), Serah Stoete (kit), Presley Awake (kit). I love them all and I’ve been trying to decide for awhile and I just can’t! They all have pros and cons to them. I need help!!!

Jayden: he was painted in 2010 by Teardop Nursery and her work is fantastic. He’s super rare and I’m pretty sure he’ll be staying because I doubt I’d ever see a Jayden again if I let him go.

Serah: she’s a perfect newborn to me, and I love her peaceful face. It’s so different from Jayden’s grumpy one. She might almost be my favorite, but not by much. :smile:

Presley: I’ve been wanting an awake baby and I’ve been wanting Presley as a hindu baby girl for forever, to add something different to my collection.

So which two babies would you ladies keep? I’m stuck!!

I would wait until they were all finished before deciding who to keep and who to re-home.


Here are the babies if anyone needs a visual. :slight_smile: I would so keep all three if I could though.




Thanks Natasha. :smile:

@Rnd210, I would do that if I could but I don’t have the cash and the market isn’t so great for secondhand reborns…it’d be easier to sell/trade one kit to get the other painted.

I know what I would do, although it might not be your choice! I would tuck both kits away to keep for a later date. Keep your rare painted one; he sounds valuable and may be very comforting during times of stress. School may be busy now, but it really doesn’t last forever (I promise!!) - there will always be next summer, and one each year after that! Since you only have two kits that you really like and they do not deteriorate, looking forward to your chance to complete them might be a wonderful incentive. When you get back to them, even if it is in 5 years, you will have kits that no one else is working with at the time, so they will be extra special. Unless there is some other reason you can only have two, I recommend keeping them.
Two kits don’t take up much room; you can always sell one later if you decide you really don’t want it
Best wishes making your choice and with school.


Do you have an Artist in mind to reborn your baby already?

@Willowsweeones :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea…if I really can’t come up with a solution I may do that. Although I am having the new baby itch right now. :slight_smile:

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She does a good job with her babies.

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She really does, and she’s a good friend of mine so it’d make it even more special. :slight_smile:


Yes but I got Serah for an amazing price that I won’t find again…Sigh I’m a hopeless mess. :laughing: I like blank kit Serah more in person than blank Presley but I’ve seen some freaking amazing completed Presleys and I guess she would add more variety because she’s awake and would probably be hindu. So I’m not sure.

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I like your idea for the Presley so keep Presley and Jayden.

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Looks like Presley wins haha…I’ll have to take some time to say goodbye to Serah. :sweat_smile: Which is bittersweet because she’s the most peaceful and my best stress reliever (yes, even in blank kit form haha). I think variety would do good for my collection though. :slight_smile:

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I love Jayden too, he’s the most realistic to me…I love them all for different reasons which is why I’m so stuck lol.

Maybe haha…that’s what I’m doing for now at least. :blush:


Michelle is right. You definitely don’t have to make an immediate decision :slight_smile: However, I would keep your Jayden because I think you would regret selling the little bub and I would get the Presley reborned because you said you want an awake baby and it seems like you have more vision for him than the other kit. :two_hearts:

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I think Michelle has the best idea!

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Ok…I assembled Presley, changed Jayden’s outfit, and I think I can part with Serah…


Credit ripped out of your hands and given to her! LOL


I agree with Luvbaby, put the two away till you can afford it. Do one at a time when you can, I know every time I create a new baby its soooo hard to sell them, but I can’t keep them all. When they leave I hope their new Mum will love them and they will be safe not torn up.