Feeling annoyed

So I decided to list one of my babies on Ebay and please understand that I am fully aware of the free market concept and that once someone purchases a product, they are free to do with it as they choose but…I’m annoyed by the fact that I was contacted by particular seller that wants to purchase it to list at a higher price. I am an Ebay troll and have watched this person do this in other instances so I’m pretty sure that’s what they are intending. I also know that I reserve the right not to sell to them as well but dang!! Just wanted to vent…thanks


The same thing happened to me when I first started reborning. There was a woman that stalked my listings. She sent me messages every day to try and get me to see my baby for $100 or less. I, in turn stalked her page and saw that she was listing babies as being part of her personal collection and she would list reborns made by other artists and state that she purchased the reborn from some other person and would sell them for more than she bought them for.

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Good reason to vent - that must be so annoying.


Just block her from buying from you and also make sure you activate the option to prevent people on your BBL to contact you.
Maybe you could post her ID here so people who do not want to deal with her could also block her.


I’m not selling yet- but I’d appreciate knowing more about this person and any others that are widely know to do such things. Hoping to sell some soonish- to offset the expenses of the donations I want to make to seniors with dementia.

once I figure it out, I will let you know or if someone else wants to chime in, it would be helpful

me too, lol was just drafting a post

I hate scalping…I see it far too often on the secondary market :angry: a lot of people think you won’t know the price they actually paid…I have to bite my tongue whenever I see people re-selling dolls that I know they just bought for way less. It is their right to do but it really irks me.


You are in the right to not sell if you dont want them to resell Just fine…Everyone is different
Me if i get the price i want dont care if they sell it for a million dollars but THATS JUST ME how i feel.
I got what i needed out of it.Maybe later ill put mine up higher if i see them selling mine for more who knows.I just dont feel cheated.
I want t to add i dont discount my dolls Either pay my cheap already low price or move on… sell for
what you can get


What baffles me is the fact that they are able to sell it for more! I’ve had this happen to me. A lady in Florida bought a reborn from me on ebay, turned around and relisted it right away and sold it for more than what she paid. What I would really like to know is , why aren’t we as the artist able to get the price the flipper does?


Have a really good look at her listings; the words she is using, her photos, how many photos and what they show, where she places description in the listing, the way she sets the listing up, how much feedback she has. I get put off by hundreds of photos all the same and huge files that take ages to come up, the important facts scattered through the listing so you need to search for them, too much various personal info.

Somebody once tried to immediately re-sell doll they got from me, got 1/2 they paid for her

I am very factual with my descriptions. I figure people don’t want to read a bunch of fluff. Sometimes I go overboard with the pictures. I do enjoy taking pictures. Maybe I need to get a bit more wordy. And I’ll confess, I’m also lazy. I don’t enjoy the selling process much. I’m very thrilled and happy if the buyer is happy once they’ve received their doll but doing a template and listing…ugh. Thank you for your input Ludmila. You are so helpful on this forum. Glad to hear that your buyer wasn’t able to resell for a profit.