What are your favorite kits?:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

BB kits Cozy, Lillian and all the realborns lol

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Summer Rain(Realborn), Megan (Pat Moulton)

Non BB yet to purchase but would love Saskia… Twins A and B… and the one and only Liam :heart_eyes:

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BB Daisy (she is so under rated)

Levi by Bonnie Brown

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Thomas awake and asleep. Presley awake and asleep, Ana, Landon, I am sure Laila will be
Megan, Olive, Natalie,
Saskia, Sally and Pixie Brown

Precious Gift (surprise! :smile:)




Bb Rowan and Lillian

My favorites that I’ve painted have been BBs Spencer and realborn Charles.

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I’m a sucker for all the Gudrun Legler sculpts! Especially Mattia & Tim!

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Gabriel, Honey, Morgan and most of the Realborns from Bountiful Baby.

I Love Spencer (have done a dozen or more of him and have a keeper).Love most of the realborns,Ana makes a beautiful baby and Joseph is gorgeous but love all the realborns. Dollar wise,the realborns are the most realistic sculpts of any and the best vinyl.Bountiful Baby is my favorite place for kits.Landon just came today and can not wait to start him,even though I have about 30 other kits to do,including some other realborns. Elliot makes a gorgeous wide eyed regular reborn. Ok,it’s obvious,I love BB.

BB Riley, non BB Saskia.

Summer Rain is my favorite so far. I have to say Charles turned out nice to.

Well, I like summer rain and Asher awake.
Would love to get my hands on a Presley awake but it’s unlikely.
(Realborns are my favorites by far)
Sunny looks adorable but I have never seen her in real life


BB kits: Leif, Summer Rain, Ginger, Real born Logan awake, Jacelyn and the Shyann face

Non BB Kits: Noah (#1 favorite) Saskia, Levi, Mary Ann (blick), Penny, and Twin B

Those are my lists of FAVORITES, all so stinking cute!!!

Tanner, Cookie, Harper, Crystal, Shyann from BB, Henrietta Swialkowski, Ariana Schick, Michelle Wasniak.