Favorite scrupt

Bountiful baby has so many and my favorite are the twins

BB sculpts or any?

I love Precious Gift, Spencer, Summer Rain and of course Willow Flower


Miranda ans Ashley

Favorite BB is currently Miranda Asleep, but that could change at any time. LOL

BB Riley, never tire of Saskia, dream kit is Jamina, and waiting on Barnabe to be released!

I love Summer Rain and Miranda! I was surprised by how much I absolutely adored my Molly! It was hard to let her go! Here’s my version, now with her new mama:


Ive been thinking about this. I think my all time favorites (so far) are Presley asleep, Thomas asleep and Raleigh Winters.

Be easier for me to come up with my least favorites :smile:

My favorite sculpts that I’ve reborned so far are BB Spencer and realborn Charles. But I have a list a mile long of sculpts I’d love to have but haven’t reborned (yet), including at least half of the new realborns!

I think I’d have to say Kaelin. Love that head! But I really am a sucker for full lips, chubby cheeks, furrowed brows. I keep looking at Starling by AK Kitagawa, but she’s not in my budget.

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I can’t pick 1 or 2 (or 5) lol. Some of my most favorites are Saoirse by Bonnie Brown, Bibo by Luciana Miglioranzi, Treasure by Marita Winters and any Romie Strydom silicone.

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Can’t believe I forgot Pebbles Bredveld. :heart: