Favorite painted hair and reborn tutorial 2017?

Desperate to purchase one of each but I’m out of dolly dollars to buy several of each .

The reborning process is continually evolving so wondered if any new or absolute must have tutorials you can recommend .

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It’s not new, but I always recommend Kim’s tutorial on YouTube–it’s free and super easy to follow. I think she is also planning on starting a “reborning school” sometime soon when her baby gets a little bigger.

I havent found a super awesome tutorial for painted hair. Would love to know if anyone has suggestions.


I’d have to second your choice! I find her tutorials well broken down, she speaks clearly and slowly enough to be able to understand every word, but not send you to sleep. She is well organized and planned. Have to wonder if she wasn’t a teacher before, as she certainly is a very effective one now!


Right? I’m extremely excited for her AA/Biracial Reborn With Me series!! Hopefully that will be starting soon!
Oh and I want some cute baby photos @Kim_CustomDollBaby

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Oh- I didn’t know- I’m so excited to hear this about the AA/Biracial series. Her baby isn’t very old yet though. May take a bit. Would love to see his pictures too.

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Thank you

I have followed some of her tutorials and agree she’s amazing.

I really want to learn advanced reborning techniques that go in depth and regarding hair tutorials I have followed free ones on YouTube but I’m still failing miserably lol