Favorit Kit Denise Pratt

I just wanted to paint myself one doll off Denise Pratt sculpts
But there are so many :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Can you help me and tell witch ones turn out real good ? :blush:
And is the vinyl good to paint ?

Naomi was a Denise Pratt baby and an award winner. I have one that I haven’t made and sold one .She is precious if you can find her. My favorite and they were limited edition, numbered.

This is many years ago one of my first daring adventures into attempting to do an LE. :footprints: :baby:


My favorite is Teagan and the vinyl takes the paint so well. I have done several over the years and always keep one in my kit stash.



Teagan, Tayla and Nevaeh.

Kaelin is one of my favorites:


Olive also!!

Oh my i love all off those with there sweet faces :heart:
Thank you all so mutch for showing now it is better to make a choice :thinking:

I like Olive


She’s gorgeous. My favorite also. You did an amazing job on her!

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She is so lovely that face and beautiful painted :+1: :heart_eyes:

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I was just looking to find denise pratt kit and came by Frankie i think he looks a lot like Olive?
There are not many kits off Denise Pratt for sale anymore they are hard to find

She is definitely the most beautiful Olive I’ve seen.

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I Loved

my Ivy also.

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Picking a favorite is hard to do! I love the Teagan, Tayla, and Taite triplets. I have all three and plan on reborning them at some point. I really love Natalie too, that was the second kit I ever reborned. My version is definitely under-painted as it was only my second reborn, but the sculpt is so cute and has great details!

Thank you all so mutch i will go and look if one off these are available ! :blush:
Mostly i buy from Germany or U K

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