Is anyone else having weird issues listing things in groups? Have they completely changed the way they do listings in groups? Is everything under review now by Facebook?


yep happens to me too
AND I was doing a live video the other day and had Pandora playing in the background. The live video was stopped and a disclaimer came up saying if I wanted to continue I had to remove the music that was playing as I didn’t have copywright to it. It was just background noise…


Wow…that’s crap.

How is anyone getting anything through Facebook? They keep rejecting any listing I make!

I finally am getting my stuff on saying DOLL and not using the word Baby in the title at all or first few sentences.

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Thanks! I’ll try it


do you contest it when they say you can? I did on several and started telling them this is a doll and nothing more so what is the problem. I finally got one approved

I am now. Most of my sales come from Facebook. If I can’t list there, I don’t know what I’m going to do.