Eyelashes - Yea or Nay

I usually root eyelashes for sleeping babies and most of the time use the false eyelashes for awake but I am seeing more and more without lashes at all. Which looks best to you? Long eyelashes or none at all?

Real babies have eyelashes even if they’re very wispy. I never do mine without. I root the sleeping babie’s lashes and use wispy applied lashes on the open eyed ones.


I love rooted lashes but I have one repeat customer(she just ordered # 6 so far this year) that likes fake glued on lashes that I HATE.But my customer is always right since she is paying.lol.I don’t even like to say the ones she has with HUGE fake lashes are made by me.But if that’s what she wants that’s what I give her.


Thanks for all the feedback - I much prefer rooted. I do trim the fake ones except for the ones that don’t want them trimmed. On preemies I do barely there - just basically a little at the corners. I am going to try to get away from the false lashes altogether unless specifically asked.

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No lashes is better than eyelashes that are not rooted in the proper place. Drives me bonkers, and it’s not something I really paid super close attention to until someone brought it up on the forum here awhile back.

Since then I’ve noticed a lot of babies that have lashes (on an awake sculpt) in the right spot on one eye and then on the other eye they are in the wrong place. I see some babies for sale on eBay like that go extremely high and I feel like the people bidding must not have noticed the eyelash placement.

That being said, I do prefer a baby with eyelashes. Adds a lot to the realism. I much prefer hand rooted eyelashes. I’ve owned a baby without eyelashes and I thought she was fine without them, however my mother thought some lashes would have benefited her tremendously.


Many of the open eye reborns ive done i have a terrible time rooting open eye…but i still like rooted better than the fake Sometime for me using a light color mohair tones down the fact mine arent in perfectly or as perfectly as id like.Still i like lashes of some kind.

I prefer them with eyelashes, one baby just seemed to be missing something to me and I realized she didn’t have eyelashes. I get the ones from Bountiful Baby and just trim them down to a believable size on the open-eyed babies and root the closed ones.

I agree! I did Kameko and did not add lashes. My adopted granddaughter is Asian and she did not have eyelashes at birth. This is my Kameko next to my granddaughter in the framed photo.

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