Eye size confusion

Casn anyone help me, I looked up the eye size for the kit my baby is and all the sale sites say 18mm. In the meantime I removed the original eyes in the baby and got my brother to measure them with his gauge ruler thing which is bang in accurate and they came up as 20mm. I’m confused, if they are meant to be 18 why did the artist use a 20? How come they fit the socket ok and does that mean it makes no difference what size are used?

Some people will go up a size in eyes to give a wider eye expression. This is Blinkin with larger eyes.



Yep. What @RabbidBunnies said!

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I use whatever size gives the expression I’m looking for. I have eyes in different colors and sizes so I can try them out. Sometimes the ones I was planning to use don’t look like I thought they would so I change them.

Yes, I wonder about that too. Being in Australia, which means shipping is expensive and the same for one pair or 20, I periodically go through my kit stash and buy in bulk the eyes that I think I need. So now I have a draw full of eyes size 20. But it is not that the size indicated by the sculptor does not look as good as the one up; often the bigger size fits perfectly snugly into the socket while “right” size leaves space around .

I wish I had your problem (drawerful of 20mm.) BB has been out of any blues for months it seems! And Asian brown eyes as well!

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I went for the 20mm in the end as at least I know they fit well. Just hope they are the right colour this time. I can’t believe how hard it is to get the eyes right, I thought the hair would be tricky but it was easy compared to the eyes! :dizzy_face: