Experiences with...?

Anybody have any experiences with Lasting Memories Nursery? Is she good?

This one?
Artist is Debra C. Jadick. She states that she has been reborning since 2007 and has done a couple prototypes for Marita Winters and was co-owner of Rose Doll Show a few years ago and teaches some classes.
She is also one of the ladies that helped to fight the reborn doll copyright issue.

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Yep that’s her. I was looking into purchasing one of her dolls. Do you have any experiences with her?

I don’t. I do not collect.

It is nice to see she is well known though.
Her babies pictures look nice.

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I have one of her dolls! She’s awesome to deal with :slight_smile: That doll was the first of my collection and got me really interested in reborning and reborns in general. Definitely recommend her


Thank you! :slight_smile: