Expecting Reborn Toddler Arianna Kit!

My kit will arrive soon :smile: , but I wanted to ask everyone if they have ever owned or reborned an Arianna kit by Reva Shick!
I think it is a beautiful kit, but I want to see your opinion about her! :smiley:

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I love it too! :smile:

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I have a sleeping Arianna. Are you getting a sleeping or an awake one?

I am getting the awake one! :smile:
I bet your sleeping Arianna is adorable! Would you be ably to post pictures?

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Here she is. I made her before Christmas so she could sleep under the Christmas tree.


OMG!!! She is the most beautiful Arianna I have EVER seen!!! :smile:
What is her name!? :smile:

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She’s cute and I love her overalls.

Thank you so much!


Oh what a pretty little girl :smile:

She is adorable Kim! And thanks for your compliment :smile:

She is GORGEOUS!!! She is absolutely stunning! So beautiful!!! :heart_eyes:
Thank you for showing her!! :smile:

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