I’m so excited and I just HAVE to share somewhere, I’m going to remake one of my mum’s favorite pictures of me as a little girl as a toddler reborn. I picked the Cammi kit by Ping Lau as the closest large kit I could find, it’s not perfect of course, but I think it’s close enough. I’m going to try and make the dress and present it in a box made to look like the meme she maid of the picture of me too. Pic of the meme and of the kit I chose below. It’s on backorder right now so I’m not sure when I get it but I’m too excited not to share!


You have to post pictures of her receiving it when you give it to her! This is going to be AMAZING!!!


that’s awesome!

Can’t wait to see!

What a sweet thing to do…I bet your Mom is going to LOVE her!!!

P.S. You are an adorable little girl!!! :hugs:

Take a look at the Jackie kit by Regina Swialkowski @ irresistables.com. She’s 26" and would also be a good match, especially her mouth.

Or Armani by Olga Tschenskaja

Screenshot (439)

The eyes and nose on Cammi are a perfect match.


Wow she is spectacular!!

So sweet!!!

Great match! Can’t wait to see her completed!