Ethnic Luca head hard as a rock

Okay heres the story…Once upon a time I was in this world called ebay
LURking around typing in rebornlots hoping I could fish up some items.A fellow artist throw overboard because they either had to much.Or their husband threatened to divorced them if they didnt clean up their act
SO I came across a Luca kit which stated it was an older original kit.For under 59 dollars I jumped out the window.And called in the bails bonds men known to you as paypal.Zoppity doo daa…Zippty bang.Doll arrive cute as a button hard as my feet.
SO I READ if you keep baking it the doll would soften up.After 3 bakes .I ran and put the eyes in , cut the slits open. AND ALMOST needed my fingers amputated. THE DOLL WAS getting harder by the minute.With the last push of the eye.The eye lid went snap closed.Missing my fingertip but still nipping me.I pulled my finger out and blew it.WOHHOO
.HOT.Threw the glue in that bad boy stuffed it with cotton and got the hell out of there.Slapped on a couple of more layers,painted the hair.And flat lined the finger nails and toes.Signed sealed and delivered. SHE Can be yours for the low price of 250 or best offer.She never soften up…But if your house every get robbed or if someone try to attack you.You can grab luca and beat the crap out of them.Be careful she swings like a bat she is so hard. AND your honor that is the truth so help me God.



Funny and horrible story, she is a cute baby though!

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She’s adorable! Cute story…glad you didn’t lose your finger in her eye socket. :grinning:

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LOVE your sense of humor!!! :slight_smile: shes cute

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