Ethnic doll rooting holes

I just finished rooting and ethnic doll and sides of her head shows bad rooting holes and even took off the paint where the needle went through. Any ideas how to fix this? I really baked several times which wet hair and hat and it didn’t help at all.

Yikes! Can you show us pictures? I don’t have any ideas right off but maybe pics will help.

If you bake with the hair wet and covered the heat does not get to the vinyl to close the holes. Best option would be to heat from inside. Or bake with just thin cotton cloth over the hair to stop it being blown around by the fan, and burned by the element.
Of-course, best is to avoid noticeable holes by using fine needles (42 or 43g are usually fine enough) and heat the vinyl while rooting. I use one barb and have no problems with holes at all.

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I use 42 gage needles the paint came off on the sides It looks like the sealer came off with each needle punch which then caused all the paint to come off. So looks like I’m going to have try touch it up with more paint and sealer question is since it’s already rooted is that going to ruin the rooted hair on the sides. I don’t want to add more holes trying re-root that spot again.

Well I had baked it a good 10 times or more before I started rooting. So if that didn’t cure it probably want cure. I did read a lot of post about BB kits not curing i guess I got one as well :frowning:

I never seal in the area I will root.