Ethan Russell's Leg

Those of you who have painted this adorable little guy, how did you handle the bent leg problem? Did you shade it? How did you shade it? Could you share photos of how you did his leg? Thanks!

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I did not get a close up on the leg for mine. I just shaded it like all the other creases but pounced over the line with a dry wedge/brush to soften it. I had a hard time selling this baby and ended up letting him go for a ridiculously low price to a repeat customer. I did not at all like his body and torso. To me they made his mid section look too long. I also was disappointed in that fused leg. Here is the link to his photo album on facebook.


Thank you, Angie (@anjsmiles)! I’ve started shading it and try to blend it out, to hopefully make it not so noticeable. If I can’t sell him I’ll just keep him. He was originally supposed to be a keeper back when he was a new kit.

Wow, he is beautiful, @anjsmiles!!

Really? I love this kit. I have it but haven’t painted it yet.

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I think if he were put on a different body and forget the belly plate he would be much more likable to me.


Anjsmiles, I don’t understand the lack of interest in him. I think he is adorable, and you did your usual great job! I like him.

I really like his warm skin tone.

Awe thank you! His Mum loves him! She has had him 2 years now.