Ending on a good note

I have decided based on some recent events in the forum and some recent events in my life, that I need to do a bountifulbaby forum detox. It’s only temporary, but I will still have YouTube videos and other such. I just won’t be on here for awhile.

It sickens me how one person can say something to you and make your day so terrible. I just don’t understand it. I was bullied most of my life and thought I was over this, and came on here to enjoy some family and friends who understood a hobby I love. Most of you are loving. Thank you for that.
@Nikkiroc @izzy @2layz your fur babies are all adorable and made my day. Let me know if you need a puppy sitter…I’d love it

Anyways, I will still be reborning, but I will be back on the forum later.

Honey, I’m don’t want to pry by asking lots of questions. I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and I’ll look forward to your return when you’re feeling better.

Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way.

Love Sam x

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I am sorry to see you go even if it is temporary. I know what you mean about someone saying one thing and your day is ruined and it’s hard to move on from that. I’m sorry that you are having to do this but I do understand. I’m not sure what exactly happened and like Sam, I don’t want to pry but I’ll say a prayer for you.

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Oh Syd, I’m sorry you feel like you have to leave but understand if it will make you feel better. I believe all of us here on the forum want to be helpful and kind to all. Sometimes we DO have differences of opinion but we are able to look at each persons ideas and process them and come to neutral endings. We don’t fight here either, we don’t like the drama that’s what makes us (I think) the greatest forum to be a member of. Please don’t take offense to any one’s thoughts or opinions that’s what makes us all so different and wonderful. Take a break and hurry back. Work on your reborning skills and come back and WOW us all with what you have accomplished!!! See you in the future soon!


So sorry you’re hurting. Take as long as you need and then come back and show us the mad skills you developed while you were on your break! Any time you need a puppy fix, just let me know! Hugs annie

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Don’t let it get to you. People have differences in opinions, and it’s hard to know their tone when it’s only in writing. I am sensitive too, and I know what it feels like, but things don’t need to feel so bad. Hope the little break helps you center. Come back soon! :heart:

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