Ended up painting the eyebrow

So I had decided to use my prisma pencil and it was working well on the play doll head my daughter gave me to practice on but for some reason when I went to do it on my kit it wouldn’t write. It was like coloring with cheap crayons. I kept sharpening it but it just wouldn’t work. It wrote great on the play doll. I ended up painting and this was my end result. Any critiques are welcome.


Prisma needs something to grip on to so that it transfers to vinyl,I varnish my babies with matte or satin and then draw the brows.Of course I seal again when I am finished.You did good with the paint though.

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Looks good.

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Thanks they were hard, took me 2 hours lol. My daughter is impressed though. She is practicing painting eyebrows now on her doll head.


Ahh thanks that makes since because it drew beautifully on the practice head which was matte.

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I see a future reborner here.


Eyebrows look great! Cute little artist too! I can’t wait till my daughter is old enough to paint with me. Not that she hasn’t tried! Got a hold of a custom head and added my eyebrow mix all over the head. Thankfully it wiped right off. :scream:


Wow, those are great. Some time back discussion of Derwent pencils inktense ones. those go on very easy but not too many lighter colors.

Nice brows!

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