Emeko and the Grands! OOp's - fixed Logan's pic!

Got back the middle of last week from spending 3 weeks in WI visiting my kids and grandkids. I took Emeko with me and she was a big hit! They all wanted to have their picture taken with her (except for the 17yr old! LOL) so thought you might enjoy seeing them.

Lexi (5 yrs old)

Logan (will be 3 in Nov)

Kat (just turned 3 in March)

and Elli (18 mos)

Oh my goodness. Kat and Emeko look like sisters!! They are all so cute and they seem to love the baby.

Terri Emeiko is adorable -but the Grandbabies are just tooo precious!!! You must be proud of all of them !!!

Awww it looks like they had so much fun with her!! All of those outfits are precious on her! : )

OOp’s - hadn’t noticed that Lexi’s pic showed up twice instead of her brother Logan’s. I’ve fixed it now so you can see his cute face!

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Grandkids are great aren’t they? ( I have 4 all girls) Your baby is so cute!!