Ellis kit have you been invoiced yet?

Hi there,

I ordered Ellis through MacPhersons but haven’t been invoiced or heard anything, just wondering if anyone has or knows when he’s due out. I have a friend that got hers weeks ago.

Have you wrote to their helpdesk, on @MacPhersonCrafts website?

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I already have my Ellis from them it came in two or three weeks ago.

Hello Anne…
Trina sent you an invoice with the balance owing back on March 3rd.
Order 25-00006106
Please check your spam folder and make sure you add us to your safe list so this never happens again.
I am going to resend it right now so make sure if it is not showing up in your inbox look in your spam.
and THANK YOU jlesser for mentioning the help desk!!!
ALWAYS use our help desk…we can see your questions there.

hUgs Brenda XOXXOXO

I ordered from Mac’s and I received mine probably a couple of weeks ago. Call them or email them and let them know you haven’t rec’d your invoice yet and others have already rec’d their kits, what’s up??

edit to add: Oops, should have read the whole post before I answered!! My bad!! Sorry.

Thanks Lynn

I emailed them but have had no reply. I can’t call them as I’m in New Zealand anyone know how I can get hold of them?

Did you see her reply right above lynns? That is the owner of Macphersons.

Hi there,

Thank you I have paid the invoice now.

ok…thank you…
I did look before re-sending…and an invoice was definitely sent to the same e-mail before.
glad you got it today though
please use the help desk to get a hold of us!

hugs Brenda XO

Thank you Brenda can’t wait to get him and bring him to life :), still need invoicing for postage.


Got mine 2 or 3 weeks ago also.

Not sure if this is where I should post this question but I will. In regards to Macphersons, I had placed my second order a couple of weeks ago. First time, i got confirmation via email and then waited for shipping update. I then went to my cart where shipping was updated and submitted that payment. It was sent out shortly after. . I submitted my next order and paid then I waited for shipping to be added for another week but didn’t see it. I then I contacted help desk. Brenda replied that the shipping invoice was sent the same day as my order. I double checked my mail just now and I didn’t receive it. After contacting them, I got it right away and everything is ok. Got my paints in a couple days(today).I’m wondering if there was some type of glitch somewhere. Your situation sounds like mine.

I just went thru my mail again. I DO have two emails from MacPhersons on the original day. BUT, those are the only two. The address reads as - info@macphersoncrafts.com.- on the invoice that contains shipping charge. When i did my search before I pulled up sales@macphersoncrafts.com, info@macphersoncrafts.com, and
no-reply@macphersoncrafts.com. All of my correspondence went to my inbox except for them. They went to my spam. I honestly can’t figure it out. When I did my search for all three of these emails nothing reflected spam. Crazy glitch? My order was originally placed on 3/20.

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Hi Brenda

I paid the invoice via paypal last week that was resent, but I have yet to be invoice for the shipping

Kind Regards

Thanks Lisa
Help Desk is the best place to communicate…we have three staff checking it 9 to 5 EST MON to FRIDAY

If we send you an e-mail it will always be from info@macphersoncrafts.com so best to add us to your address book so we are on your safe list.
Any other e-mails such as orders@ we never see as a this is the place that captures our orders and it is far too busy to be filling up our inbox.
Appreciate you posting trying to help!
hUgs Brenda XOOXOXO

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ok Anne
I will check it first thing tomorrow.
PLEASE PLEASE always use Help Desk with any questions!!!

I really do not like dealing on a public forum with private individual orders…
We will answer you very quickly on Help Desk
I will see your query much quicker there.
If Jenni had not tagged me on here I would have never known you had an issue.
hUgs Brenda XOXOXOXO

Hi Brenda

Thank you will do. I didn’t realise I could ask a question there