Ellie Sue Brown Question

Those who has done Ellie Sue, did you use the recommended primer and/or varnish before you starting or did you just paint? If you didn’t how did the vinyl take paint? Her vinyl is so different.

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I got my kit from Nonies… and I am pretty sure there was no varnish with it…

With that said I do not remember if I primed her first or not. lol

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I got mines from Macpherson’s. There’s a statement about the kits on there. They sent AR skin texture foundation and 10 gift certificate.


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I used the varnish, but to me I struggled with painting. I heard some people say it was easy.

I may give it a try without the varnish because it is difficult to do even ethnic tones with varnish applied first. The varnish has to be applied perfectly lol

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I bought her from Macpherson. She came with the sealer. I used it and painted as always. The only thing different I found is that it suck in paint. I had to give it a little more layers that what I usually do, but it was fine. It don’t feel so different. The smell was different when I backed her. I actualy love the feel of her vinyl.
This is mine


Thank you. I’m trying to sell her, but nobody want to pay what I’m asking for her. It is so frustrating. I love reborning, but I struggle to sell. And if I don’t sell I can’t get money to make more :persevere:

Where do you sell?

I posted her on reborns.com but took her out after a few ignorant comment about the high price. Now I have her on eBay.

No, i did not do anything special, and she was fine.

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