Ebay's Global Shipping Program

In my listings on Ebay I always put that I don’t sell outside the USA. I had a doll purchased by a person with zero feedback through the Global shipping Program. First, I don’t expect to get paid but should I by some miracle, I am sure my shipping would not cover and can not even tell where this person is from. Can I go ahead an cancel this sale or what? I really need some suggestions. Thanks for any help.

There is some rules about canceling, first email to the person and after that cancel. it happened to me and yes, the shipping is huge and you lose. Hopefully somebody can give more details about canceling.

Thanks you. I have sent an email and now have to wait the required days to cancel.

If you use eBay’s Global Shipping Program, if that is what your buyer has, you only pay postage to Georgia, USA. All other fees are the responsibility of your buyer, which can be considerable. Or, you can cancel which is what you did.

I have to wait the time period before I can actually cancel. I do not think it is a legitimate buyer and have heard no response from them as of yet. Thank you though as that is good to know should I be forced to follow through with this or another sale one day.

When you requested cancellation did you tick the reason that the buyer is from country you do not send to? I know that is a reason for transaction becoming invalid, but cannot think how to do it. In any case make sure that you have a block in place which will not allow people from the countries you do not post to to even bid. What do you mean you do not know where she is from? Unless something changed recently, it is the seller who chooses how the item will be posted . Global shipping is a broker, and the buyer pays the postage cost, any customs fees, as well as the broker fee directly to the broker through eBay.