Easy baby for newbie

Being a newbie…, which of the ones on sale do I need to start with?

Personally I would grab a $14 one and just go with it. :slight_smile: Have fun!


Grab the cheapest one you can find and maybe a couple of practice limbs.
I personally like Sugar Rubert though, her vinyl is soft enough that you can try rooting if you want to, but she’s not too detailed so you don’t have to worry about creases too much.

Thank you, I have ordered two and a test leg, but would like to start on one that is a little easier. They are here and I thinking I am getting cold feet !

Tracy is on sale for $17. I painted him recently and he took the paint very nicely. He’s also a cute chubster. I’d totally reborn him again.


Bella is a cutie and not overly detailed.Would be a good starter baby.

Thank you Mary Jane

Thank you, I will take a look at her

I LOVE your Tracy!!!

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I would get any on sale that appeals to you, and not too small.

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Anne, I have Chanel and Aubrey. They are two my granddaughters picked out. Now I am thinking of doin one before I do theirs. I love Kase, he looks like my grandson, Clyde and Olive. What is not to small?

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In my opinion a larger baby would be easier to work with because you have more canvas and not too many tiny creases. Easier to hold and see etc., and I had a hard time trying to put eyes in a tiny baby, though rooting a tiny one would be easier. I ruined Shyanns paint around her eyes trying to put them in from the inside cause the neck opening was small for my hands. Of course you may think and feel differently. That is JMO. Others would probably be able to tell you why a small baby is better, lol.

EDITED TO SAY - 19 inches at least @Trix

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Thank you Anne! They are sitting here looking at me!! lol :fearful:


I would go for a closed eye and closed mouth baby. So for one that speaks to your heart! Art works best through passion


A sleeping one and cheeper .

thank you! he turned out to be one of my favorites. he’s a really cute kit and great to paint. don’t think he gets enough love!

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Is the new 6 month size Easton to big? Will he fit in my Nuwave?

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I ordered Tracy !

Such a large baby may be a little overwhelming to start with.

I think he may be too big if you are going to root, I heard he has a big head, lol. My first was BB 20 inch Raine. I use Air Dry and have never used and oven. But his hands were hard because they are in a fist. Oops that was about Easton.

Tracy is a good choice! A cute baby, That head should be easier, you could make a bald baby. Good Luck! Have Fun with your baby and don’t be hard on yourself we all have been there wanting it to be perfect the first time.