Easter Swap Babies?

Are we allowed to private message anyone on here with w.i.p. pics? I would really like advise on the baby I am doing but I know not to post it or my partner would see. @izzy

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Maybe it is fine as long as your partner doesn’t see.

yes that’s how I fill and I still consider myself new which makes it even more nerve wracking lol.

It’s good that they are bald 'cause that gives us more time for details. I’m really enjoying doing this one. It will be hard to give him/her up !

Yes I like the one I am working on but I have a confidence issue :frowning:

If you have a friend on the forum you can message them WIP pics. But your partner can’t know anything about it lol!


What you mean IF I have a friend I consider everyone here a friend of mine :wink: haha


Haha true :joy:

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