Easter Challenge Official Voting

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1st Place Winner @Leabelle
2nd Place Winner @hyelah1990
3rd Place Winner @ellakabella
3rd Place Winner @RebornsbyZebra

  1. painted by @hyelah1990

    2)painted by mommarobin

    3)painted by jeepers

    4)painted by jeanhai
    image image
    5)painted by @Leabelle

    6)painted by Phassell

    7)painted by bellybutton

    8)painted by lil

    9)painted by Shara

    10)painted by Rebeccakatie

    11)painted by Katinafleming

    12)painted by Sharon74

    13)painted by babymaw
    image image
    14)painted by @ellakabella
    image image

Are we doing it again? I already voted once and now I see new baby added.

Please vote again.The other poll was me trying to figure it out lol


Maybe edit all the other ones and take down the pictures?

Oh my!! This is hard!!

Now 14 babies and 9 vote choices?

I have 14 vote choices try refreshing it :slight_smile:

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There should be 14 babies and 14 vote choices

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ok, got it, refreshed :slight_smile: Thanks @MilosMeadows

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Thank you for the great idea .What would I do without you guys and all your help :smiley:


Thank you for hosting

Your welcome

Wow I entered because I was worried no one would. What awesome work you ladies did. I’m having a very hard time judging but I know it will not be my own. Beautiful babies.


WOw it was so so hard to choose just one!!!

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So, there are 14 choices to vote, but how many different dolls can we vote for? They are all winners in my eyes!


@Jacelyn5440 It’s hard, but you have to choose just one. :sweat:


Such a hard choice, they are all amazing!


Aw these babies are so cute!!!

Back for a Second look. I love these!!!

Just one?! It isn’t fair. :tired_face:

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