Dying a doe suede body

Has anyone had any success in dying the bodies. I need to make on in a non skin tone color and wondered if Rit dye would work? Any ideas?

I have never tried it but i’m sure any fabric dye would work just fine.

I tried to dye one green with rit dye. I didnt work, just rinsed right out. I also tried other dyes from the store with no luck. :frowning:

Yeah i sort of thought the same thing because of the fabric type, doe suede is really just polyester so I’m guessing I’ll have to dye it the same way. I’ll try the Rit polyester and see if it works (and hope I don’t ruin the body in the process) otherwise I’l have to do acid dyes (which I hate messing with …blah)

I’ll try it this weekend and will check back in and let you guys know if it works or not. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

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I tried several different dyes. Even let it set over 24 hours. Looked dyed but washed right out. Best of luck:-D

This has been discussed before on the forum. I believe the consensus was that it didn’t work.

Oh please keep us updated! I didn’t realize they had a polyester rit dye.

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Maybe it would be better to just make a body out of what ever color you want to start with, No, yes???

In theory yes it would be better, but I thought I’d try the lazy route first lol. Seriously though I have 4 alt babies that would look sooo much better on dyed bodies, but the thought of having to sew them is not pleasant for me. So more than likely if the polyester dye thing doesn’t work they’ll be staying on regular colored bodies. I’ll keep you guys posted on how the dye works.

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Did it work? @DancesWithDolls

I haven;t tested it yet unfortunately. I decided to use a different kit and the body that came with it will work as is.