Dumplin challenge

I looked up dumplin, I had never noticed her before. She is a cutie! Yay!!! I am excited about this challenge!!! She is my absolute fav of the quads! :+1::+1:


I can’t wait to see all the beautiful babies!

Has everything been put into place for the Dumplin challenge or is that to come out after the Celeste challenge is over? Guess if it has been posted I missed it! Any #'s as to how many people have entered the Celeste challenge at this time? I know there is still time to the 19th.

Not everything, We still need to pick a date to end the challenge. But I figure that can wait until closer th=o the end of the Celeste challenge :slight_smile:

I am debating on joining in on this challenge being that I just did a fairly big order and of course Dumplin was not one of them! Have to see how it goes.


We picked early so there is ample time to get her if she does on sale. Hoping BB will give us a 4th of July deal!:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Hope so! Funds are a little tight right now!

In the same boat. All these amazing things keep popping up, that I just haven’t been able to pass up. Dumplin WILL. Be my last kit purchase for at least one month!

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