Ducklin, my problem child

Everything was coming along beautifully until I got to his hair. I ordered dark blond slightly wavy, but I was sent curly. Giving the benifit of the doubt that I messed up that order I thought I would give it a try. I hate it. I don’t know how to style it, I don’t know if I cut it right, it seems everything I do it looks like a hot mess.

The other problem I’m having is his eyes are too small for his sockets. I ordered the size they recommended, inserted and sealed but they are rattling around in there. Both of them are moving back and forth. I have no idea how to fix that with out getting glue all over the outside of the eye.

He was an exepensive kit and I’m disapointed.


Your Duckling is the cutest one that I’ve seen and I love his curly hair!. All other Duckins wanted me to cry with him, yours has a curious look.
I’ve read on this forum that people put cotton bolls or boll if foil behind the eyes. Perhaps you ca try that.


Bless your hands!! He has a pretty big head. I think he’s absolutely adorable!! I love love love curly hair and the color!! Just order a size up for his eyes he will be fine! You can make little ringlets with his hair when it’s wet. Adorable!’

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I love his curly hair. I’d move his hairline forward a little. I think you’d like it better. I have put small balls of foil behind loose eyes to push them up against the eyelids.


This was my attempt at ringlets, haha.

And yes, the boy has a huge head back there.

Lol. Take as much wet hair as you can and wrap in around your finger. You will see how cute it is :grimacing:

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That hair can be styled straight. I use curly hair like that a lot. Scrunch it when wet for curls. Curl it around a pencil when wet for more defined curls. Or brush it straight when wet. However you style it wet, it will stay when dry. I love the versatility of that kind of hair. :heart_eyes:

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I love that hair too…I used some like that on my Priscilla. I agree that you should bring the hairline down. As for the eyes, you’ve already gotten good advice but I personally would just buy a larger size.

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Buy a bigger size eye for sure. His eyes are what makes him adorable! And I love the hair -so cute!!!

If the eyes are the right size for eye opening but are too big for the socket in the back I have used plumber’s putty- a 2 part epoxy clay- to fix eyes into a head from the back with success. It holds them in place better than glue. I put mole skin over it once it has cured to be sure it doesn’t fall out.

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He is adorable and I love the hair it is perfect!

You can get bigger eyes or use some epoxy a painters tape (until it dries to keep his eyes where they need to be.

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Thanks all, I’m glad a lot of you like this type of hair. It gives me hope that someone might actually want to buy him.

And thanks for the eye suggestions. I was going to try some kind of glue from the front but now it looks like I’m going in from the back.


shes adorable! love her hair.

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