Dry looking skin

My doll I painted with genesis heat set paints looks dry and pasty

Do you have pictures? It hard to help you without looking at them.
My guess without the pictures would be that your paint was too thick and possibly you didn’t used enough mottling and washes with different colors.

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Pictures would help but, based on what other people have said, it might just need to be baked more. I’m not sure, though, because I use air dry paints.

Maybe to much white paint? How much thinner did you use?

Or varnish underbaked?

I’m new to this forum. Can I take a pic from this screen? I don’t see where to attach a pic here.


See the little square second from the right at the bottom of your screen when you hit reply? That gives the option to go to your photos or take a pic.

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Click on ‘Reply’ and then click on icon with picture :slight_smile:


I didn’t know it was that easy. I wouldn’t even try to explain how I’ve been getting them on here. lol Thanks Yelena.


LOL, you are welcome.
I was in shock when I learn how easy it was to delete my own comments :wink:

Please tell me you haven’t been converting them all to html :joy:. That’s such a pain. Hate when I have to do it