Downside of for sellers?

I searched the many threads, but did not see a discussion of my concerns, so please forgive me if this has been addressed before. Can anyone that has access to a Paypal account(given that you set your listings up tto require Paypal) come along and buy a baby without registering? If so, are there any protections from a person coming along with a variety of names and buying babies and then doing charge backs? I know that it can happen on eBay, but they do have some mechanisms for tracking and occasionally catching these types-

I am more of a collector than seller, but things are getting tight here space wise so I am trying to decide what to do. I know eBay fees are higher, but maybe in addition to exposure you get something else? Thank you in advance for sharing how it works.


Chargeback issues would be fought the same way as it is when selling through ebay The seller is protected if they do the following:

  • properly packs the doll that has been accurately described in the listing.

  • ships to the Confirmed Address.

  • ships in a way that offers a tracking number.

  • An additional help would be to require a signature at delivery.

There is no help or hindrance in a buyer creating an account through In fact, most buyers don’t bother with creating an account since there’s no real reason to.


Thank you Amy. Perhaps is small enough that word would spread quickly among sellers if a buyer was routinely trouble. I guess I will have to think about it. I hate that my trust level has gone down. I cannot believe I used to sell very expensive items on eBay and never gave a second thought to charge backs and scammers.


I agree! I used to sell on ebay all the time and never worried. Now…not so much.

And according to paypal items must be marked delivered even if customer changes their mind about item. So, with signature conf. They can still refuse item. Your out the money and time. Artists will have to list babies again if returned safely, and may be charged for return shipping fees. Paypal will not refund shipping costs either.

Well, that’s a nice flaw! I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to omit the signature since it isn’t required. I don’t remember the dollar amount when it becomes necessary, though.

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Please excuse yet another silly question! What is a charge back?

…Just looked on PayPal’s website and it looks like items $750 and over require signature confirmation.

A chargeback is when PayPal takes the money from the seller and gives it back to the buyer.

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Okay, so basically a refund?

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A charge back is initiated through the buyer’s credit card company and according to what I was told, the credit card company decides the dispute not PayPal. I never encountered it with a buyer., but I had to do one. I ordered the Larry kit from Small Wonders and she never shipped my kit. I found out that if you split payments up by paying the preorder amount and then the balance later, PayPal does not offer buyer protection so I went to my credit card and they made PayPal return my money.

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$750. Buyers definitely hold all the cards. Im still sick over the toddlers i did and customer refused them.

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Did you get them back?

That is terrible, I would be sick over it too. I had never had to do a chargeback and assumed that buyer protection had me covered, I was wrong. If I had not paid by credit card I would have lost my money, Unfortunately, whether buying or selling those determined to scam seem to find a way.


Through investigating…lol, i found out she called usps customer # and refused all packages for date of delivery. Paypal said oh well. Im sooo disgusted. That was a big chunk of money. Its going to take a long time to resell them.

WOW! And she suffered NO repercussions and got a full refund? That’s crazy!! In that case, they definitely should’ve let you keep the shipping money. What reason did she give PayPal for the refund request?

None. I sent them emails of her asking me to ship after she viewed photos. Sent emails of her asking for me to turn baby into german.
Im going to ask for supervisor. Ive been a huge seller on there for over six years,and they cant see that this is unfair?
Ive had only one chargeback for my cute coco in all these years. The man on phone said that counts for nothing. Looking into alternatives for payments if anyone has any ideas??


I have had a lot of scammers, but save so many emails, that paypal has never refunded anyone. But, since she refused delivery, they said too bad for you. Beware of her…she said she has been buying up dolls to resell them. Her email comes up:
Fah t


I wish I knew of other payments but I don’t sell much anymore. How did you encounter this customer, eBay or or elsewhere? This is really wrong.

She contacted me through my website.

I am betting others have had trouble with her or will be having trouble. She probably knows all the moves. I am sorry you had the misfortune of dealing with her.