DOUBLE New Release! James Awake AND James Asleep!

Double the cuteness, double the cuddles!
Realborn James is ready for snuggles!

Realborn® James is available now!

Sweet James is here at last! This adorable little man is about 18 inches long when completed. James has such a cute newborn expression! We love the way his forehead wrinkles, like a new little baby adjusting to his surroundings for the first time. We hope you love him as much as we do!

James’ release is featured on our home page now at:

We also have adorable video footage of real baby James! Be sure to check out his video as well: Realborn® James - Precious Real Baby Footage - YouTube.

We hope you all have a wonderful day!

Bountiful Baby


This is one release I’ve been anxiously waiting for! :heart: So incredibly precious and I am loving those cute little newborn forehead wrinkles.

One of the few times I prefer the Awake Realborn to the Asleep!

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Same here :blush:


Seriously can you just take my debit card and charge me then ship right away? Lol


Like a kit club. Just take a yearly fee and send me one of each new release and the matching body whenever they come out. I would seriously love to “subscribe and save”


Yes! Once a month

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