Don't you think its kind of ridiculous?

Don’t y’all think its kind of crazy to sell a blank kit for 700$?? Not to be all judgy but I think that its kind of unfair…if you paid 120$ for a sculpt why charge 700$?? I saw a blank americus just sell for 350$ on ebay!! Gah. I just really want a coco blick but I don’t have 400$ to put into a blank kit :confused: can someone explain this to a noobie like me ??


High demand and low supply result in crazy prices - I think it’s that way in every industry! Economics in an unregulated industry can be hard that way. Its like this with cars too. It’s kind of sad for those of us who don’t have thousands to spend, but it’s art, so I understand why it is the way it is


Yes, it’s simple supply and demand. It’s a very popular kit, but only 1000 were made (I think). If you want a 1 in 1000 kit, you have to buy it the first time around, or pay an inflated price. Or get really lucky, I guess.

Natalie Blick’s sculpts have a “family resemblance”, so you can keep an eye out for her newer sculpts and snag the next one you fall in love with. I think all of the “Blick Babies” are pretty cute.


They couldn’t sell them for those inflated prices if people didn’t pay those prices. Supply and demand!

I personally have not seen a kit I want bad enough to pay that much for…if I had it.


Rare antiques and vintage cars in immaculate condition are worth a fortune but to pay so much for vinyl kit released few months back is silly. I bought Lilian and Livia after release and paid some absolutely ridiculous prices; to my defense the most expensive one was Livia from Germany and I did not do the math converting euros to $ correctly and nearly had a heart attack when I realised the actual price, which was over $400! I paid over $200 each for several Lilians at that time, but now I bought another 2 in the last year for just over $100. And personally, I prefer Lilian to Livia. If I had to decide between the 2 sculpts from my personal collection it would be Livia that would go, without hesitation.

I applaud those artists who now make open pre-order, and then have made as many as there was an interest for. Plus handful of extra, and so everybody who really wanted one gets them, and there is not the scramble to secure limited number of pre- orders.

Anyway, there are so many gorgeous kits coming out, the today’s flavor of the day will be soon forgotten, and will be selling again for much more reasonable $. In my case there were some kits I missed out on in the past and was upset about, looking at them now I cannot see what I saw in them.


Heck no! Not me. …I don’t think I’d sell the 65 Mustang at all! :heart_eyes:


It’s supply and demand…people pay for labels in the reborn world just as they do in the fashion world, automotive world and any other collector world. I haven;t been in the reborn hobby for very long, but I’ve already come to realize that when a kit goes on preorder that you suspect will be a super hot seller and is limited edition, buy multiples at cost and resell later. Some may not agree but pretty much everything we purchase retail is done that way and dolls kits aren’t any different.

I don’t know that that would really work in the doll world. I’ve got some limited edition kits that i purchased for seriously dirt cheap, not from private people, but from the popular reborn stores. A few of them are limited to less than 500 world wide and others 1000. So when you think about the entire world 1000 pieces of something would be rare in my thinking, but obviously that wasn’t enough to make them hot sellers. SO their current value is pretty much peanuts.

OMG you’d be sitting on a fortune right now.


I got first dibs on Asriel if you ever let him go …im going to be stalking you now lol


The thing is that despite of what some try to claim, reborns do not appreciate in value. Even the prototypes fall sharply, as many people who tried to resell them found out.


Lol lol…well I can still dream :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: